You don’t ring, you don’t write, you don’t love me!

1 Jun 2023 | Business, Entrepreneur, General, Relationships

Step back and see clearly
I felt it was time for a change of tune this week.  Maybe it’s because it’s holiday season, but my market engagement with new clients seems to have slowed down in the last month: the phone is ringing occasionally but not frequently, my inbox has gathered a small layer of dust and LinkedIn has a few cracks starting to appear.  Hmmmm, it got me thinking about what I might be missing!


I spoke to 3-4 trusted contacts of mine about my external market perception and see if I could drum up a few answers and apart from the usual, you’re great, everything is fine, it’s just the time of year, I did pick up on one comment that got me thinking and it was this…..“Your LinkedIn profile could make you unapproachable….”


What my friend was essentially saying was that the way my LinkedIn profile has evolved in the last few years, I could now be perceived by any new connections or contacts as this almighty, all powerful, high flying executive and entrepreneur, with a bunch of board appointments, huge achievements and involvement with multiple businesses and far too important, busy and accomplished to deal with regular people.  In other words, I could scare people away.


Now, whilst I have achieved an accomplished many things in my life and have a very broad set of experiences, I’m still just a regular guy, with regular challenges and opportunities!  I have the constant stream of business and life challenges, the typical highs and lows, the opportunities, the threats, those amazing moments and of course the completely shitty ones too.  I also have a few personal values that I live by, and one of these is never to be too busy or uncontactable for anyone.


I also feel an important attribute to maintain is the ability to connect with people on the same level.  I am no better or worse than anyone; I am just different and the same applies to anyone that I engage with; we meet as equals.  As much as it is important to mix with like-minded people, it is equally important to mix with people that can bring different perspectives to the table.  This is immensely powerful and essential in giving added value in the name relationship.


For those who know me, I am blunt and direct I go directly at things; I challenge the conventional wisdom and often will tell people things they don’t want to hear and explore the areas where people don’t want to go.  What you see is what you get and whilst we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover, you should be able to get an idea of what’s on the pages inside.


I hope my external and public profile that I promote on various platforms, does deliver the right impression, but I could be wrong and I’m sure there’s room for improvement.


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