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I’m Piers Mummery and I am The Entrepreneur’s Coach.

My friends call me Pierso!

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I love working with people who have intention. Have you recognised the need to make change in your business life? It may not be massive change and you may not even know what needs changing, but you’ve identified something that’s bubbling away and needs to be explored. Watch my brief introduction video about working with me and what I do for people just like you.

"Working with Piers has helped boost confidence in our business and inspired me to drive growth and push beyond what we thought was possible. His ability to see beyond the obvious and set out a clear path has been so helpful and has provided a clear picture of where we are going. He is highly personable and great to work with. He has a fun approach to work, but recognises what is important and makes sure things get done!"

Dushiyant (Dush) Patel
CEO, Rakatu – Cyber Security Consultancy

"Piers is a master of focus, clarity and action. In these turbulent times, he brings both confidence in thinking and helps to create actionable priorities. Not only is he a great thinker, but also a doer and follows through and delivers on what he says, as well as inspiring those around him to perform....a true entrepreneur!"

Michael Jacobsen
Business Coach, Author, Entrepreneur Media Presenter

"Piers is a guy who is not afraid to challenge your thinking. He has a wonderful blend of compassion and assertiveness and makes you think about what really matters in life and in business. He is a master of authenticity and inspires confidence."

Lisa Davies

There is an entrepreneur in everyone. You may not even realise that what you do every day is to actually discover, explore and navigate your way through your life and here’s the thing; it’s not intended to be easy and you were certainly not intended to live your life alone and on your own!

Life has no rulebook, life is designed to challenge you, to throw obstacles at you; it tests you, pushes you to your limits. Life will knock you down just hard enough to make sure you get back up again. Life can be chaotic, stressful and at times just too much to cope with. Equally life can be joyful, fulfilling and provide you with miracles and experiences that truly move you and create happiness. Your life is the total sum of your experiences. There are many things in life that you cannot control, but there are two areas you do have control over: Your ability to choose to make a decision and the attitude that you choose to have.

If you want to explore the real entrepreneur in you and how that is serving your business journey, then I invite you to do just that. Come and have a chat and don’t leave yourself wondering. Be glad that you did and I look forward to hearing from you.

Piers Mummery

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