Piers Mummery

Why Work with Me

I am authentic and I show up and deliver guaranteed results

My clients have no contracts with me; we just have an understanding and an intention. For as long as I am adding value to them, we shall continue to work together. My clients are from across the world, including Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, UK and the USA.

Coaching is a personal and private affair and every client’s journey is unique and special to them. It is confidential, so I don’t publish their details online. Just ask if you want to speak with any of my clients; I’d be happy to introduce you and you can hear what they have to say for real.

"Working with Piers has helped boost confidence in our business and inspired me to drive growth and push beyond what we thought was possible. His ability to see beyond the obvious and set out a clear path has been so helpful and has provided a clear picture of where we are going. He is highly personable and great to work with. He has a fun approach to work, but recognises what is important and makes sure things get done!"

Dushiyant (Dush) Patel
CEO, Rakatu – Cyber Security Consultancy

"Piers has always been great to deal with in my role as a journalist. He's willing to share ideas and opinions and has a dynamic take on the industry."

Matthew Appleby
Editor at Horticulture Week

"Piers is an astute businessman who looks for the angle and generally finds it. His ability to think outside of the box to come up with a solution that is different from the norm and will create interest from his customers is inspiring. I have worked with and supplied product to Piers for almost the entire time he was in the Gardening industry and on a business and personal level always gets done what needs to be done to succeed in a very affable way."

Steve Harper
Chief Executive Officer, Southern Trident Limited

"Piers is awesome to work with. He has a rare ability to focus and get to grips with business challenges with such ease and accuracy. He is both decisive and driven and excellent at setting out what needs to be done and then getting it done. His diverse background and expertise in business will certainly challenge your thinking and accelerate your business growth to new levels. He is also very detailed and picks up on the smallest of things that are often overlooked and important. He is also a great networker and a pleasure to introduce to anyone. If you work with Piers you won’t regret it….I promise or you can have a free ticket to one of my events! 😃 "

Tony Paolella
Director of Business Development, Hubio

"Piers has brought an excellent combination of skills and expertise to Vindex during his time with us. He has helped us navigate through a solid period of growth having seen Vindex almost treble our turnover since joining the board. He is tough and forthright, his entrepreneurial experiences and business skills have had many positive effects in all areas of our business. He also has a strength of character that deals with things in a direct and honest way that avoids simply telling our leadership team what they want to hear. A definite hands on team player that does what he says. "

Clive Talbot
Director, Vindex Systems Limited

"Piers has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only is he a great conversationalist, but his background and expertise will accelerate your business growth. His attention to detail and vast toolbox will introduce ideas and products that are sure to get you thinking about business from a different perspective. Highly recommend!"

Jason Read
Co-Founder & COO, RTB Technologies

"Piers Mummery is an absolute delight to work with and a rare find in a sea filled with mediocre and hype! His energy and enthusiasm are infection, his knowledge and expertise about business growth is exceptional and his integrity unpins everything he does. Piers is a straight talking, self motivated entrepreneur. So, if you are looking for a results driven professional on your team, to help you drive your business forward, hire Piers! You wont regret it. "

Diane Rivens

"Piers has laser-focus to help businesses and individuals achieve their goals. I have been working with Piers for about 4 months now and by following the advice he gave, I have been able to achieve goals I didn't think possible. Piers is very personable and I particularly like his no-nonsense approach to helping businesses exceed their expectations. His input and years of experience are invaluable and have helped guide me to deliver results quicker and easier than otherwise might have been the case. I would whole-heartedly recommend Piers to anyone in business, whatever their current stage. "

Steph Marshall
Planner, ISG Plc

"Piers is always a pleasure to work with. Piers has great entrepreneurial flair, is a strategic thinker and very results orientated. Will see a project through to completion, inspiring those around him to achieve their very best."

Carol Paris
Chief Executive Officer, Rosebourne

"Piers is a master of focus, clarity and action. In these turbulent times, he brings both confidence in thinking and helps to create actionable priorities. Not only is he a great thinker, but also a doer and follows through and delivers on what he says, as well as inspiring those around him to perform....a true entrepreneur!"

Michael Jacobsen
Business Coach, Author, Entrepreneur Media Presenter

"The impact Piers has made at Monatrix was immediate. His grasp of our circumstances and the growth opportunities we now have, has put us a clear trajectory for successful growth. He’s a dynamic guy and unafraid to tell it how it is. He has terrific insights on the things that matter and a deep understanding of people…..he can transform people, your business and your team!!"

Barry Doak
Partner/Director, Monatrix

"Piers is a guy who is not afraid to challenge your thinking. He has a wonderful blend of compassion and assertiveness and makes you think about what really matters in life and in business. He is a master of authenticity and inspires confidence."

Lisa Davies

"I was introduced to Piers at a start-up event that he had attended just to show his support. I was blown away by the mentoring, knowledge and enthusiasm that Piers offered from the very start. It is clear that Piers is a huge advocate of entrepreneurship and he is a real inspiration to young people starting out in business. The most striking thing about Piers is the fact that he does what he does because he genuinely enjoys it. Business clearly excites him and it is for that reason that he has become such an expert in entrepreneurship and marketing. I look forward to a very exciting future working alongside Piers and anyone who gets the opportunity to do the same should grab it with both hands."

Max Hayden
Area Manager, Amazon

"Piers has done an excellent job at helping us remove business growth barriers, simplify the path forward and hold our leadership team to account. Our work with Piers has enabled us to accomplish more in shorter periods of time! "

Mark Bartholomew
CEO, Integritechs

"Piers is a man who has his eyes on the big picture while getting his hands dirty building his business from the ground up. He is an impressive entrepreneur."

Irv McGowan
Principal, McGowan Business Group

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