Piers Mummery

About Me

I help and support individuals on their entrepreneurial journey’s through high impact and effective executive coaching.

First of all, let me save you the time and energy if you’re looking for any magic answers here on my website; you won’t find them and that’s because they don’t exist!

Being an entrepreneur is a way of life and a mindset and it takes a whole combination of things delivered over time that most people are not prepared to do.

What I do is help you find and see your paths and doors as an entrepreneur. Everyone’s journey is different and I aim to make sure you tap into the resources you need to make your venture the success it deserves to be.

My Entrepreneurial Experience

I have been an entrepreneur for over 30 years and have learned a thing or two about what it really takes to launch and drive a business towards success. Sure, there are some shortcuts, but at the end of the day it requires consistent focus on a series of basic traits and maintaining the right attitude, coupled with just good old fashioned hard work.

My entrepreneurial experience includes significant expertise and operational skills across many sectors and disciplines in business. As well as my own coaching and advisory business, I have built, grown, bought, sold, pivoted, funded and capitalized numerous businesses over the years. I love being an entrepreneur; it’s in my bones and I am passionate about business of any type.

In addition to Pierso (and a few other things!), I am also the UK Managing Partner for TechCXO, an On Demand executive advisory business that works with business owners and leaders of tech-enabled growth companies, providing C-Suite executives on demand, to accelerate growth and drive business performance.

My Coaching Style

My coaching style is open, honest and blunt. I won’t tell you what you want to hear, I will tell you what you need to hear and above all, I will help you listen to yourself.

I bring clarity, focus and cut-through thinking, with real action that drives measurable performance across any business.

"Piers is awesome to work with. He has a rare ability to focus and get to grips with business challenges with such ease and accuracy. He is both decisive and driven and excellent at setting out what needs to be done and then getting it done. His diverse background and expertise in business will certainly challenge your thinking and accelerate your business growth to new levels. He is also very detailed and picks up on the smallest of things that are often overlooked and important. He is also a great networker and a pleasure to introduce to anyone. If you work with Piers you won’t regret it….I promise or you can have a free ticket to one of my events! 😃 "

Tony Paolella
Director of Business Development, Hubio

"Piers has brought an excellent combination of skills and expertise to Vindex during his time with us. He has helped us navigate through a solid period of growth having seen Vindex almost treble our turnover since joining the board. He is tough and forthright, his entrepreneurial experiences and business skills have had many positive effects in all areas of our business. He also has a strength of character that deals with things in a direct and honest way that avoids simply telling our leadership team what they want to hear. A definite hands on team player that does what he says. "

Clive Talbot
Director, Vindex Systems Limited

"Piers has been absolutely wonderful to work with. Not only is he a great conversationalist, but his background and expertise will accelerate your business growth. His attention to detail and vast toolbox will introduce ideas and products that are sure to get you thinking about business from a different perspective. Highly recommend!"

Jason Read
Co-Founder & COO, RTB Technologies

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