Why you might need a Coach

17 Mar 2021 | Coaching, Entrepreneur, Growth

Why you might need a coach

Have you ever considered that you might need a coach? Ask any successful person about the value of having someone on the outside to help them on their journey; to see their blind spots and provide trusted support as you navigate the trials and tribulations of your success.  Consider those moments when you get stuck, have doubts or need an unbiased opinion, who do you turn to? 

Hopefully, you are on the path success.  Knowing who can help on your journey is important, so consider who’s on your path to success?

  1. A consultant will show you their path
  2. A mentor will tell you which path to build
  3. An investor will expect you to build the best path
  4. Your suppliers will sell you tools and materials to build your path
  5. Your partners and team will help you build the path together
  6. Your staff and customers will dig up your path along the way
  7. A coach will help you to figure out how to build your path

Only a coach, will really enable you to build your path and maintain ownership and accountability!  A good coach is experienced, driven, honest, direct, challenging, supportive, focussed and empathetic. They have your back and your interests!

Is this you?

  1. You own and run your own business, but the business seems to own and run you instead of the other way round.
  2. You have so many things to do everyday, but regularly have to remind yourself to do things that you forgot to do.
  3. You secretly wish you didn’t have to work as hard as you do after all this time, but you enjoy what you do, but occasionally wonder why you’re doing it and is it all worth it.
  4. Everyone who works for you, assumes you’re fine and do not know that you have many struggles that they do not see.
  5. Your customers are demanding more and more for less and less
  6. You know you need to be disciplined and focussed, but find yourself excusing yourself
  7. You are super busy, but not super productive
  8. Your team are great and you tell them how good they are, but deep down, something doesn’t feel right and it’s easier to keep the peace than rock the boat
  9. Your team seem to tell you what you want to hear and nobody really challenges your thinking
  10. Cashflow never goes to plan
  11. You have to think of everything, everyday, for everyone in your company
  12. You feel like you’re making money, but your accountant often slaps a reality check and it’s never the amount you thought or were expecting each month or quarter.
  13. Your sales funnel is more like a sales tube and is never full enough and empties too quickly.

Why you might need a coach 2

What change do you want this year? Will you grow, retract, remain static?  Where do you want to go? What do you want to be? What are your options?  Who will help you?  Hmmm…..there’s a lot to think about, so where do you start?  Well, firstly you need a plan and a set of clear goals.  You don’t necessarily need a plan that resembles “War and Peace”, but you need something that at the very least shows you that your facing West and not East looking for your sunset.  Create a single page plan, a summary plan or a fully blown, operational plan; all are fine, but remember it’s your plan that you’ll need to execute on and taking action is the key to achievement….that is where a coach can help you.

Your business plan is just a crystal ball and I guarantee that it is a plan, that in any form shows great success, sales growth, huge performance and lots of profits.  That’s because as an entrepreneur, you are an optimist and you won’t fail…..right?   However, you can only hope that your predictions are right and that is of course down to how good your planning, data and foundations are.  However, delivering the success of your business plan is entirely down to great execution and a bit of good fortune (the luck of which you will create along the way, based on what you do).  You won’t do it alone, so do what you can, with what you have, with what and who you know.  Build your A-team and be agile and prepare to change your plan and redirect often.  Above all, get outside opinions and support: get a coach on your path who will drive and help you push yourself to success.

You are an entrepreneur, but that does not mean you can or should build your business alone. 

A good coach will challenge your thinking, drive you to take action and hold you to account:  after all success is about making progress and achieving results.

I love being an entrepreneur and thrive on hearing people’s stories, so come and share your journey with me.

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