If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… Really?

27 May 2022 | Business, Growth

If it ain't broke, don't fix it... Really?

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it… really? The vast majority of entrepreneurs I speak to believe they are quite happy with their journey, but more often than not this is just a tactic to stop people like me in my tracks in my relentless pursuit of finding and helping new clients… “we’re fine, thanks!”, “send me some information”, “I’ll keep it on file”, “call me in six months”, “I’ll be in touch” … and so on.


Apart from pesky new business approaches from people like me, we all know what we hate and it’s an endless list including missed deadlines, lower than expected achievement, over promised expectations, staff cockups and cover ups, not being understood or listened to and much more. Yet most people do claim they are happy; is this really the case or are you selling yourself short and how could things be better?



if it ain't broke

Now I know that most entrepreneurs are really busy and often won’t make the time to listen to new perspectives and another opinion from ‘another coach’. However, taking the time to consider alternative views and reframing your thinking is the true route to building innovation, getting fresh, performance-based thinking, improving standards and driving growth, both personally and professionally. From time to time, it’s worth reflecting and asking yourself a few honest questions. Here are 21 thought stimulators?

  1. How authentic do you really feel every day?
  2. Do those around you give you enough attention and are you genuinely listened to and understood?
  3. How agile and flexible is your thinking when the pressure is on?
  4. When did you hear something new that you’d not thought of or heard before?
  5. How accepting are you of mediocracy?
  6. What else do you want to do and are going to do to be even more successful?
  7. What haven’t you changed?
  8. When were you genuinely blown away by your performance?
  9. When did you last get something you didn’t expect?
  10. How does your sixth sense tell you that maybe you’re not seeing the whole picture?
  11. Does considering change just seem like too much hard work?
  12. How much do you trust yourself?
  13. What makes you feel that you’re not enough?
  14. What mistakes are you proud of?
  15. How much of your performance is inevitable?
  16. What goals did you achieve last year?
  17. What do you need to do more of and less of?
  18. What limiting beliefs do you have?
  19. What are you putting off?
  20. What stops you from taking action?
  21. What clarity do you need for the next 12 months?

The bottom line is that most entrepreneurs think they are probably getting the job done and things are probably OK maybe even great, but when you have a doubt or a niggling itch that there may be more around the corner, maybe it’s time for a change.

As the old saying goes, “If you always do what you’ve done, you’ll always get what you’ve got”

I love being an entrepreneur and thrive on hearing people’s stories, so come and share your journey with me.

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