How Thirsty Are You?

13 Jan 2021 | Growth, Start-up

I had one of those epiphany moments the other day when I found myself comparing success in business to water in a river……I reckon there’s a book in this, but please indulge me for a moment. 

Business is like water in a river and it can flow into your life and out of your life.  The journey, starts at the spring, where it burst from the ground from the pressure underground.  It found a way to get through solid rock, meters below the surface and it’s finally found its way to the top.  It’s pure, fresh and full of energy.  It’s ready to carve a path to its goal…..the ocean.

At the beginning, a new river will be just like the early stages of your business, bouncing along, tumbling over rocks and gullies, perhaps over a waterfall or two, smashing its way along, full of energy and power.  Its’ energy, power and determination is an impossible force to control.  It’s moving at pace, gathering speed and a reputation.  There are also rapids that the thrill seekers want to ride and the beauty, power and majesty of a river at this stage is an awesome sight….just like your business.

The river grows, but as it widens, the pace is perhaps slower, but the force is more consistent, it creates tributaries and swirling eddies and pools of crystal clear water with no sediment, deep pockets that are full of life and entire ecosystems are spawned through the energy of water….just like a growing business!.  Like a business, it is maturing and creating opportunities.  However, if you don’t feed your river with life, there may be backwaters, where the force of the water has stopped and reached a point that it is still and in danger of stagnation….no customers!  There may also be times where in shallow waters you risk drying up altogether.  You may notice at this point, the water is too shallow and hot to support life and the banks move further from your deepest point until they are no longer of use and you are left to dry and crack up!!  Have you ever noticed the banks are often a long way off when you need them most?

However, as your river widens and nears the ocean, the horizon becomes broader, an estuary forms and you become a bit boring (your business is maturing), as you simply ebb and flow with the tides of the sea.  But remember the river has come a long way, it’s deep and holding onto a lot of water and as reach the ocean, it creates a whole new life in itself!

There are also warnings along the way, look out for the power companies, dam builders and sewage companies, all they want is to take your power and pump you full of shit, (waste, concrete and eyesores).  These are also sometimes called regulators and governments, trying to hinder your progress.

You also may have noticed that all along your journey, you’ve had a bank either side of you and you have to ask yourself are they there to support you or restrain and control you!  Have you ever noticed how man made canals are so slow and boring with controlled water flow, due to the locks….hmm!!??  Also, beware of the tunnels and bridges; they are only there to move people and things from bank to bank!

Take a moment from your busy day and try to compare your business and your entrepreneurial journey to a river and see what stage you’re at, I guarantee you’ll find some interesting comparisons and if you fancy quenching your thirst over a coffee with me or a trip in my glass bottomed boat, then get in touch.

I love being an entrepreneur and thrive on hearing people’s stories, so come and share your journey with me.

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