Head for the heart

14 Nov 2022 | Business, Entrepreneur, Leadership, Relationships

Step back and see clearly


Most people in business will have at some point worked for somebody else.  The vast majority of workers in companies are shaped to help that company become successful and more often than not, this is done by helping an employee to develop the right mindset and frame of mind to optimise their performance.  This works to a point.


Generally speaking, working for somebody else or within the framework of a hierarchy requires quite a heavy degree of compliance within a set of company rules, guidelines, regulations, restrictions etc.  I’m not decrying this in any way nor suggesting that a company should not have a set of rules guidelines etc., but it’s important that an individual experiences a more holistic connection to both a mindset and an ability to be heartfelt in their job.  It is quite rare to find a heartfelt employee within an organisation (particularly larger organisations). The characteristics of being heartfelt are driven largely by emotions, which is not a characteristic that is often encouraged in the workplace…..it potentially creates mavericks!


Whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with having the right mindset and frame of mind, there are limitations to consider.  These limitations often sit with the employee and manifest themselves in their performance.  We hear managers engage with people using expressions like “getting your head in the game” or “get your head down” and these coercive suggestions are fine to an extent, but if your job does not allow you to also introduce your authentic, passionate and emotional self within your role, then perhaps something is missing, as you may not feel truly fulfilled.  It’s one of the reasons why we hear of so many people who are unhappy in their job and feel stuck or trapped because they just don’t love what they do.  It may also be because they have a crap boss or a toxic workplace, but that’s another story!!!!


One of the differences between an employee and someone who works for themselves is the sense of real passion that accompanies the entrepreneur.  When you find an individual who truly loves what they do, has found their calling, is totally obsessed and passionate about their work and mission, their mindset becomes secondary, because ultimately the heart is stronger than the mind.  There is a symbiotic relationship between the heart and the head, but the heart ultimately creates a sense of meaning you can’t sometimes explain.  It’s the reason why we see people that go with their gut feel, fall in love, have an instinctive feeling and so on. 


I know all of the behavioral psychologists out there have something to say about this, but as an entrepreneur myself, I can vouch for the true value that being heartfelt about something creates as opposed to having just the right mindset.  Did you know that the heart is the only human organ that can’t get cancer; it’s that strong and powerful…hmmmm??!


If you are unhappy or unfulfilled in your job, then you owe it to yourself to do something about it.  After all the pursuit of happiness and fulfillment is really the meaning of life.  It’s time to follow your heart and not your head; identify your values, find your passion, discover your purpose, figure out what drives you, what moves you to tears and how much you want to sacrifice for the love of something.  Once you do this you may find your entrepreneurial calling.  As I continually say to those around me; “be glad that you did and not wish that you had”. 


So, go forwards and find that passion, follow your feelings and gut instinct and do what your heart is really telling you to do… at least you will then know. Oh….. and by the way, whatever the outcome is, it will be fine; just believe in what you heart tells you!!

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