Episode 16 Coaching the Entrepreneur, Simple Truth, Reality Bites When You Don’t Plan

13 Apr 2021 | Podcasts

Episode 16 Coaching the Entrepreneur, Simple Truth, Reality Bites When You Don’t Plan

GUEST PODCAST: Episode 16 Coaching the Entrepreneur, Simple Truth, Reality Bites When You Don’t Plan

I had the privilege of being a guest on the Michael Crane.Live Podcast hosted by Michael Crane.

Reality Bites Coaching the Entrepreneur

“Reality bites” says Piers Mummery, on today’s podcast we explore the possibilities when starting out in business. Being realistic with your goals and aspirations are key to success. If you’re going to dream, dream big and start taking action and you will begin to see the fruits of your labour. How can a Young Entrepreneur become a millionaire? Coaching the Entrepreneur from an early age, we speak about a 90-year-old person who runs a marathon compared to a young entrepreneur before a certain age, telling people you will be a millionaire by the age of 25. The difference between the person who was able to run a marathon, some 26.2 miles at the young age of 90 and the young entrepreneur aiming for £1million comes down to the plan and goals and taking the appropriate action, sustained over time. It is fine and perfect to have the thoughts, however, without true commitment and action to improve your skillset, knowledge and talent that gathers momentum in the direction of your goal, is foolhardy to expect things to happen that you want. After all, though with no action gets you nowhere. One may say, “how long will it take?” the real answer to this question is who knows, In actual fact, the honest answer,

is, “however long it takes”. The detail is in the action, of course, a lack of action takes you to a well-defined place. Be Consistent in driving your beliefs! Having a Goal and taking action.

The answer is to have a goal, have a plan and take action. You don’t need to make big daily steps, small steps repeated each day will take you there too. Piers talks about taking a holiday to your dream destination, you don’t just arrive at the resort, you plan where you want to go, that includes how you will be getting to the airport, you plan where you’ll be staying and so forth, only once you have completed the tasks do you arrive at the dream destination of your choice. Without a plan, you tend to go nowhere, with a plan you tend to achieve your goals. In the second half of the podcast, we speak about the entrepreneur setting unrealistic goals. Aiming at the stars is a good approach, but they have to be your goals and aspirations, not a pushy parent or relative who is hoping for the best in you only for the goals to fall apart all because they were not your goals but somebody else. Elon Musk wants to live on Mars When we are speaking about setting dreams and setting our direction, we take a look at the perspective of Elon Musk, remarking in the press that he wanted to live on Mars. Also, The founder and owner of Virgin Atlantic Richard Branson who was delayed at an airport on his way back from his holiday and decided to charter an aircraft to get him home and eventually was how his airline Virgin Atlantic came about. We also, look at the perspective of a plumber who worked for an independent local company for 20 years until the company went into liquidation and he found himself setting out on his own and creating a lifestyle plumbing business. No matter what your dream is, your dream and aspirations are unique to you and no one else.

I love being an entrepreneur and thrive on hearing people’s stories, so come and share your journey with me.

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