Cogs in a Wheel

10 Feb 2021 | General, Growth, Profitability

Who thinks they’re important at work?  Well from the people I know and meet, it seems that we all like to think of ourselves as important and this is a spot on observation.  Whether you’re the CEO or the receptionist, the fact is that in the context of what you do, you are important.

The context of course is that your role as well as everyone else’s role, when combined together, is helping to deliver a successful business.  We all enjoy a symbiotic relationship in business.  I was once told that if I do well, the company will do well and if the company does well, then I will do well.  Sounds sort of simple really doesn’t it and in fact it is. 

I like to think of us all as cogs turning the company wheels of success.  There are of course those who think of themselves as the big cogs, like the C-Suite for example and then there are those deemed to be little cogs like the folks in the warehouse or the staff on the shop floor, who surely must be small cogs.  As many people will attest, size is not important and no matter what size cog you are, you have to realise that if one cogs stops turning, then everything stops turning.

Very often the smallest cogs can be the most important (Did you ever wonder where did the term “The Linchpin” comes from?… may be small and un-noticed, but it holds the wheels on!!).  Imagine a new client trying to get into your offices if the security guard or receptionist is not there or the office keys were left at home? What would a customer do, if their delivery didn’t turn up? 

The most successful businesses recognise the relationships between their staff, departments and teams and ensure that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and importantly, how their output impact on others.

It is easy to get lost in your own little world and when the pressure is on, we tend to look internally and focus on ourselves and what we’re doing.  A balanced view is critical.  Too little focus as well as too much focus will typically mean you end up missing something.  The important thing to remember is to concentrate on what you are supposed to be doing and that in turn what you do impacts what others do. Be a great cog!!

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